Bucks County Community Foundation


BCCCSealThe Bucks County Community Foundation grew out of other non-profit organizations in order to help more people throughout the area and not just in one Township or Borough. We are a dedicated group of local professionals that are giving back to the community where we live and work – right here in Bucks County. We have one common purpose – to help those in need. No one in our organization makes any money – every dollar raised goes directly to help fund our mission. We hold many fundraising activities like Christmas Tree Sales, Car Shows, the Bucks County Fair, Designer Bingos, Community Service Award Banquets and other events.

We have various programs that we currently support including Feeding the Hungry, Veteran Support, Scholarship Program, Middletown Community Service Corps, and others.  In fact, since our inception we have;

  • Supplied families in need with holiday gift cards
  • Helped local homeless Veterans by supplying food, clothing and tents
  • Given over $16,000 to local food banks

If you have a Grant or Funding request for us that fits our mission statement and bylaws, please go submit an application which is available on our website.

The Bucks County Community Foundation was approved as a tax-exempt non-profit corporation by the IRS in January 2015. Although all of our board members have all been long-standing members on other non-profit boards and have supported various other non-profits and local government causes, we decided to refocus on helping those in need in the county. The Bucks County Community Foundation purpose is exclusively educational and charitable and further to secure resources from individuals, corporations, community organizations and foundations to be distributed to support programs and those in need for the benefit of the Bucks County community and its residents, which will lead to the overall improvement of the quality of life and enhancement of community support for Bucks County. These programs should forward goals consistent with the best interest of the citizens of Bucks County, including, but not limited to, the following: promotion of the safety and welfare of the Bucks County community by promotion and enhancement of recreational programs and the preservation and procurement of future recreation, park and conservation facilities within Bucks County; promotion of infrastructure and orderly land development within Bucks County; and to help individuals or groups of Bucks County residents in need.  We thank everyone for their support and look forward to your support and assistance.

2020-2021 Board of Directors:

President – Judge Daniel Baranoski
Vice-President –Francis Drummond
Treasurer – George Hyjurick
Secretary –  Robin Kemmerer
Board of Directors:
Rich Beaumont
Steven Bielecki
Craig Bowen
Robert Byrne
Joseph Cimino
Larry Good, Sr
David Preston
Kevin Seifert
Gregory Soto
Edwin Vile, Jr.